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What our early users are saying

Buster L.

I've been enjoying the Dinner Party collection and actually have used this over the past few times we've had friends over. I feel like I'm genuinely starting to get to know some of my friends, who I've been acquainted with for years. @presencetheapp is now front and center on my home screen 🤩.

Alyssa B.

This is a great app to past time with both new and old friends. There are many collections to choose from -- friends, relationship, anxiety, coworkers, etc. Each contains interesting questions to ask one another. Tried this out with my boyfriend and we learned things about each other that we never knew. Would totally recommend @presencetheapp 👍.

Ocean O.

Just had our anniversary and used the anniversary collection 💍! We got into an interesting talk about where we see ourselves in five years from now, that led to writing up a doc of personal/financial goals LOL. @presencetheapp, keep it coming.

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