We want people to feel more connected.

I’m going to be honest -- daily life, especially during these times, can be dark. We noticed a pattern of negativity in our own lives -- we began drifting farther from family and friends as time has passed.

We wanted to remedy this and grow closer to those around us, so we created questions that we kept on our phones and have pulled out during family and friend gatherings. We were blown away by the results. We were able to discuss subjects that have never previously been broached in any in-depth, serious fashion: life ambitions, moments of vulnerability and pain, seemingly trivial yet personal experiences that have brought us joy. So, with the success of our initial trials, we’ve decided to release this to the greater public to bring people together.

We were blown away by the results.

Presence is a mobile app that can break down barriers, make it easier to be present with others, and dive right into the topics that encourage openness and vulnerability. We’ll give you the questions, and you have the freedom to design conversations around them that help you grow closer to those around you. We hope that Presence genuinely brings joy and meaningful relationships to your life, as these questions have for us.

Have better conversations, today.

Get Presence for conversation starters to deepen relationships with those you love.

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